Stronger Together: A Strategy to Revitalize Transatlantic Power

A group of experts and former government officials from Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) and the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) convened strategists from the United States and Europe over the past year to discuss the crisis in the transatlantic relationship and to propose a strategy to revive and strengthen it. We Europeans and Americans launched this project due to our shared commitment to the transatlantic relationship. We met throughout 2020—first in Munich and Berlin and then virtually during the pandemic—to develop a truly transatlantic fusion of ideas and strategy.

This comprehensive report and eight individual action plans lay out an ambitious agenda for tackling challenges to the transatlantic community.

The action plan issue areas are as follows:

1. Economics and Trade

2. Security and Defense

3. China

4. Russia

5. Energy Policy and Climate Change

6. Democracy

7. Technology

8. Middle East and North Africa

Each action plan includes an in-depth assessment of key challenges and proposes recommendations to U.S., Canadian and European policymakers. Where significant disagreements exist between the U.S. and Europe, we outline the debate and propose solutions for how they can be resolved.

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